"A good Nanny should make a real difference to a child's development and wellbeing and everything they do should be done with the children in mind first and foremost... they are contributing to their childhood after all.

Being a Nanny is an enormous privilege and there is no other job like it - however I believe a good working relationship with parents is paramount and consists of respect from both parties."

- Louenna


This course will give you the confidence to choose the perfect Nanny for your family and inform you of the legalities that must be adhered to.

Working with lots of different families, I have seen first hand how important it is to find a good match that can provide longevity and continuity for both parties - which is inevitably best for the children in the long run.

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What parents are saying...

"I asked for Louenna's help when I was looking for someone to care for my 8 month old twins. Her guidance was invaluable - she pointed out so many things I hadn't even considered and after a short search, we found our dream Nanny and feel incredibly fortunate!

We have a brilliant working relationship and she has truly become part of the family. I am hopeful that we will continue to work well together for many years to come. Thank you for all of your tips Louenna!"